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Mini Bag

R 479.00/ea

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Amazing farm fresh produce. A selection of organically grown produce and artisan goods. Fruit and vegetables, cheese, eggs, bread, milk and so much more.


5-6 organically grown seasonal fruit / vegetables

1L farm fresh milk

6 free range eggs

1 local Gourmet Cheese

1 artisan bread

1 artisan surprise product


From the farmers, to the bakers and cheese makers, all our partners take exceptional care in their craft. Every item is lovingly produced and no two are exactly the same.



Please note that images are representative and actual products will vary from week to week.

What's in the box?

This is the menu for the current week. We search high and low for the best around!

1 ea Mini Bag
1 EGGS (6\'s - free range)
1 SURPRISE (Standard)
1 Butternut
1 CHEESE 1 (Greek Feta)
1 BREAD 1 (Ciabatta)
1 2-Pack Mangoes
1 Cucumber
1 Patty Pans
1 Sweet potatoes
1 2-Pack Green peppers

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